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Haiku on photo #7


INOUE, Seigetsu (1822?-1887) is a legendary bleaching haiku-poet in Japan.


 Lily blossoms grow too big to support its own proportion and the stem is bended for their weight in this blooming season.

 This haiku expresses such vigorous appearance of them humorously and tells us that it becomes animated fine season for creatures, from spring to summer.


 *五月百合Satsuki-yuri: ''Satsuki'' means May in old Japanese and ''yuri'' means lily. On this translation, I take its meaning as general lily flowers in May, not typical botanic group. But sometimes Satsuki-yuri can be the other name of Sasa-yuri(Lilium Japonicum), it blooms different flowers from this picture.



Original pic: 3.9MB 4000x3000 f2.7 1/80

Place: 観音平Kannon-daira, Kobuchizawa town, Yamanashi pref.

Seasonal Scenes

Like Okutama

Original pic: 3.8MB 4000×3000

 f2.8 1/1,250

Place: 奥多摩湖Like Okutama, Nishi-tama county, Tokyo

A petal of cherry blossom

Original pic: 4.6MB 4000x3000 f2 1/125

Place: 倉戸山Mt. Kurato, Nishi-tama county, Tokyo

Mt.Fuji from Okutama

Original pic: 2.1MB 4000x3000

 f3.5 1/640

Place: 千本ツツジ(登山道)Senbon-tsutsuji Trail in Okutama mountain area, Tokyo

チゴユリChigo-yuri #1

Original pic: 1.8MB 4000x3000 f2 1/30

Place: 七ツ石山山麓、小袖Kosode, at the foot of Mt.Nanatsuishi, Tabayama village, Yamanashi pref.


Originalpic: 1.8MB 4000x3000

  f2 1/8

Place: 須賀神社Suga-jinja, Suginami ward, Tokyo

A rose #1

Original pic: 1.9MB 4000x3000

 f2 1/500

Place: Suginami ward, Tokyo

Japanese maple #3

Original pic: 2.6MB 4000x3000 f2 1/400

Place: Suginami ward, Tokyo

A calystegia

Original pic: 2.7MB 4000x3000 f2 1/8

Place: Suginami ward, Tokyo


(C) 2014 Photo Craft SAGITTARIUS

May 2014 - #2 

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