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(C) 2014 Photo Craft SAGITTARIUS

May 2014 - #1 

Haiku on photo #5


INOUE, Seigetsu (1822?-1887) is a legendary bleaching haiku-poet in Japan.


'わらじwaraji' or straw sandal is old style Japanese sandal.


 This haiku is very simple and it says just only like ''They're 

strongly wet in the spring rain'', but we also can read his joy for the change of seasons from winter to spring.

 If he was caught in the rain or snow in winter, he and his feet couldn't stand in the cold. But now the spring has come and he didin't mind his feet to get wet. He might feel free to walk around outside, better than in winter

 So on this haiku,  we can imagine that he would find the joy of the spring to feel the moistness of straw sandals easily.



Original pic: 1.1MB 2157x1537 f2.7 1/250

Place: 西生寺Saisho-ji, Yahiko village, Niigata pref.

Haiku on photo #6


 Finding and watching on the first butterfly in the new green of the field. In Japan, モンシロチョウmonshiro-cho, or white small butterfly is very populer to see. 


 The contrast of the colours made his eyes sharp and clear, and the simple expression evokes to feel the new spark of vital energy silently, like awakening in the morning sun.

Original pic: 1.1MB 2693x2029 f2.8 1/850

Place: 八岳の滝付近 near of the waterfall of Yatake, Koumi town, Nagano pref.

Seasonal Scenes

Rhododendron #2

Original pic: 4.1MB 4000×3000

 f2 1/500

Place: 善福寺公園Zenpukuji park, Suginami ward, Tokyo

White flower(I don't know...)#2

Original pic: 2.2MB 4000x3000 f2 1/500

Place: 善福寺公園Zenpukuji park, Suginami ward, Tokyo

Japanese Maple #2

Original pic: 1MB 4000x3000

 f2 1/200

Place: Suginami ward, Tokyo

Jasmine #1

Original pic: 324KB 1651x1235 f2 1/125

Place: Suginami ward, Tokyo

Clear water #1

Originalpic: 1.8MB 4000x3000

  f2 1/50

Place: 鷹巣山Mt.Takanosu, Okutama, Tokyo

A fawn #1

Original pic: 3.9MB 4000x3000

 f2 1/160

Place: 鷹巣山Mt.Takanosu, Okutama, Tokyo

City lights of Tokyo #1

Original pic: 1.1MB 4000x3000 f3.5 5sec

Place: 鷹巣山Mt.Takanosu, Okutama, Tokyo

City lights of Tokyo #2

Original pic: 1.4MB 4000x3000 f2.5 20sec

Place: 鷹巣山Mt.Takanosu, Okutama, Tokyo

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