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Haiku on photo #3


INOUE, Seigetsu (1822?-1887) is a legendary bleaching haiku-poet in Japan.


 Traditionally, so many Japanese poets and literary writers have treated the cherry blossom as the metaphor of ephermetal lives of ours. They bloom at the threshold of 

 spring as if being given brand-new birth, the petals start to fall so fast and it remind us the brevity and transience of life.


 Watching on cherry blossoms, sometimes it remind us that every organic matter is living each own irreplaceble life in this passing time, and it evokes the mercifulness for all the life. In Japanese culture, we call such feeling as 'もののあわれmonono-aware'. It is familiar motif for Japanese literature from very early time.


Original pic: 1.9MB 4000x3000 f3.5 6sec

Place: 神明宮Shinmei-gu, Asagaya, Suginami ward, Tokyo

Haiku on photo #4


 When the cherry flowers bloom full, people gather around them in the park or field and have fun on '花見hanami' party with friends or famlies. It is a habitual pleasure of the season.


 Some of shrines also plant cherry trees in the yard, but the atmosphere is always kept quiet and solemn as the place for saying a prayer.


In the methology of Japan, there's a gaddess of cherry blossom. Her name is '木花乃開耶姫konohananosakuya-hime(it means the princess who wishes the flower to bloom)', it is said that she is staying on Mt.Fuji.

Original pic: 3.6MB 4000x3000 f3.5 1/250

Place: 上伊那招魂社Kami-Ina Shokonsha, Ina city, Nagano pref.

Seasonal Scenes

白い花(不明) #1

White flower(I don't know...)#1

Original pic: 1.2MB 2685×2010

 f2.5 1/1,6000

Place: Oyamada, Machida city, Tokyo

モミジ #1

Japanese Maple #1

Original pic: 2.3MB 4000x3000 f2.2 1/1,250

Place: Oyamada, Machida city, Tokyo

ツユクサ #2

Asian Dayflower #2

Original pic: 1MB 2703x2020

 f2.5 1/1,600

Place: Ina park, Ina city, Nagano pref.


Kohigan Cherry #1

Original pic: 479KB 2021x1519 f2.8 1/1,250

Place: Ina park, Ina city, Nagano pref.


Yoshino Cherry #5

Originalpic: 4.5MB 4000x3000

  f4 1/800

Place: Ina park, Ina city, Nagano pref.


Kohigan Cherry #2

Original pic: 3.9MB 4000x3000

 f2 1/500

Place: Ina park, Ina city, Nagano pref.


A Drinking Cat

Original pic: 2.9MB 4000x3000 f4 1/640

Place: Ina park, Ina city, Nagano pref.



Original pic: 2.8MB 4000x3000 f2 1/100

Place: Takato Bus Station, Ina city, Nagano pref.


(C) 2014 Photo Craft SAGITTARIUS

Apr. 2014 - #3 

Apr. 2014 - #3 

Apr. 2014 - #3 

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