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Nature... supports and surrounds our lives

 No one can live without nature, even the person who lives in urban city which is completely covered with concrete buildings and paving of asphalt. It is said that a fasting adult person can live without food for 3 weeks, but he/she can't live for less than 3 days without drinkable water. And the mountain, it is the place where the water comes from.


 For example, the largest city Tokyo has mainly 4 roots of water vein. 多摩川Tama River from Okutama and Tabayama village in Yamanashi pref, 荒川Ara River from Chichibu in Saitama pref, 利根川Tone River from northern part of Gumma pref and the graundwater which runs beneath the surface. They provide the clean water for the lives in Tokyo.


On this page, I'd like to show and introduce about Okutama, west end of Tokyo. It is one of my favourite place to walk around.



 Just a drop of water in mountain becomes water resource for our lives in cities. At the halfway up on Mt. Nanatsuishi, Tabayama village, Yamanashi pref.

Across the border of Tokyo and Yamanashi

Preparing now...


 日原川Nippara River, one of the upper stream of Tama River. At near of JR Okutama station.

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