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Oct. 2014 - #2

Haiku on photo #30

INOUE, Seigetsu (1822?-1887) is a legendary bleaching haiku-poet in Japan.


はらはらharahara is an onomatopoeia of Japanese to express the state of fluttering something thin. On this haiku, it expresses the movement of the leaves blown by the wind (some of them are falling) and fluttering wings of the migratory birds.


 At the change of seasons, it brings something new and take away something old. This haiku seems telling it with treating migratory birds from north country and falling leaves of trees symbolically. The nature scene in autumn calls unique sentimental feeling .

Original pic: 3.2MB 4000x3000 f4 1/500

Place:石神井公園 Shakujii Park, Nerima Ward, Tokyo

Haiku on photo #31

This simple haiku is known that Seigetsu wrote it when he was adapted to a family in the village of Ina as a member of it. Just before it, he was completely a drifter and had moved from town to town in the middle part of Japan. The detail of his life is unknown well until then.


It is said that he linkened himself to 'a fallen marron' and expressed his feeling of having direction home to stay. 'The hollow haunt' also seems to be linkened to the village of Ina, it is settled in a valley between 2 high mountain ridges.


But after it, he still used to wander around the village, begged food and sake from house to house and wrote haiku to thank for them. It was his style as a haiku poet.

Original pic: 6.2MB 6000x4000 f5 1/125

Place:雲取山 鴨沢登山道 Kamosawa Trail on Mt.Kumotori, Yamanashi Pref.

Seasonal Scenes

A butterfly

Original pic: 659KB 2000×1500

 f3.2 1/500

Place: 雲取山 鴨沢登山道 Kamosawa Trail on Mt.Kumotori, Yamanashi Pref.

Shadow of a tree #1

Original pic: 3.9MB 6000×4000

 f11 1,097sec.

Place: Nanatsu-ishi Hut, Yamanashi Pref.

Autumn Mt.Fuji

Original pic: 4.2MB 4000×3000

 f4 1/400

Place: Kamosawa Trail on Mt.Kumotori, Yamanashi Pref.

紅葉Momiji #1

Original pic: 3MB 6000×4000

 f5.6 1/1,600

PlaceKamosawa Trail on Mt.Kumotori, Yamanashi Pref.


(C) 2014 Photo Craft SAGITTARIUS

Shadow of a tree #2 

Original pic: 4.1MB 6000×4000

 f3.5  1/40

Place: Nanatsu-ishi Hut, Yamanashi Pref.

The ridge of Kamosawa Trail

Original pic: 5.1MB 6000×4000

 f4 1/640

Place: 石尾根 Ishi-One Ridge, Okutama, Tokyo.

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