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Aug. 2014 - #2

Haiku on photo #20

INOUE, Seigetsu (1822?-1887) is a legendary bleaching haiku-poet in Japan.


From summer to autumn in Japan, we have so many kinds of  taraditional stayle festivals with dances in each local place. So many people gather and have fun in the bustle of them together with the mind of contribution for their communities.

You'll see the spirit of '''One for all, All for one'' on them.


Seigetsu lived as almost a begger in the village but we can imagine that he was also welcomed to the festival and enjoyed to drink sake through this haiku. 


※Seigetsu is known as a drunken haiku poet but I recommned you not to drink too much...

Original pic: 1.9MB 4500x3000 f4.5 1/20

Place: 高円寺Koenji, Suginami ward, Tokyo

Specail thanks to 志留波阿連Sirubaa-ren

Haiku on photo #21

This haiku expresses the scene of a habit in summer in Japan called 打ち水uchi-mizu, sprinkling water on the ground by ladle or hand.


On hot summer days, sometimes we do it to get natural cool air. This habit comes from the apllication of the theory of vaporization of heat. When the water on the ground is vaporized, the moistuness takes away the heat of the ground with itself.


I chose evening image for this haiku because the theme of this haiku is ''夕涼みyu suzumi'' or taking evening breeze but doing uchimizu in daytome is more efective. 

Original pic: 4.2MB 4000x3000 f3.5 0.4sec

Place: 馬橋稲荷神社Mabashi Inari Shrine, Suginami ward, Tokyo

Haiku on photo #22

朝顔Asagao, morning glory is one of the most popular flower in summer for Japanese. Most of us have experienced nurturing it as a  summer vacation's homework of elementary school. I don't know about Seigetsu's boyhood though.


Morning glory blooms in every morning without showing any problems it might get meanwhile the last night. He would be impressed by its gallant and lovable appearance, and find positive mind for the future on the gloss of the morning glory's petal in the morning light.

Original pic: 2MB 4000x3000 f2 1/1,000

Place: Pembroke St., Victoria BC, Canada


(C) 2014 Photo Craft SAGITTARIUS

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